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Aircraft Fuel Tanks

Construction of an FFC Fuel Tank

An Aircraft Fuel Tank or Bladder is a flexible bag or rigid unit, contoured to the shape of a particular fuselage or wing cavity and designed to retain fuel. There are three construction types of fuel tank constructions:

• Lightweight Bladder,

• Self-Sealing, and

• Crash Resistant.

Lightweight Bladder aircraft fuel tank constructions are those constructed of two or more ply’s of rubber coated fabric. This construction is prevalent in fixed-wing aircraft. All FFC manufactured General Aviation fuel tanks carry a 10-year warranty.

Self-sealing constructions generally contain four layers. These layers are:

• the Inner liner of synthetic rubber or rubber-coated fabric,

• Ballistic nylon barrier,

• Sealant, and

• a Retainer of woven nylon cord.

How the Sealant Protects Your Aircraft and Fuel Tank

The sealant remains dormant in the layers of the construction until a projectile penetrates the fuel tank of the aircraft. Upon penetration, fuel runs into the affected area causing the sealant to rapidly swell minimizing fuel loss through the exterior wall of the fuel tank. All activated self-sealing fuel tanks must be removed from service and replaced.

Crash-resistant Fuel Tanks

Crash resistant constructions consist of a multi-layered coated fabric designed to withstand “drop” test of 50 feet or more depending on the intended application. This construction is used extensively in helicopter installations. All FFC manufactured Crash Resistant fuel tanks carry a one-year warranty.

FFC Approved Fuel Tank Constructions Protect Your Aircraft Investment

Floats and Fuel Cells, Inc. (FFC) currently holds approved Lightweight Bladder (P2393) and Crash resistant (P2595) constructions. These two constructions are used in the production of our more than 220 approved replacement fuel cells, making FFC the most comprehensive and reliable solution for your fuel tank requirements. Our 30 plus years experience as both an FAA Repair Station (TH4R544M) and Fuel Tank Manufacturing facility offers the Aviation Industry the solution of Repair of customer assets, Overhaul Exchange, and Factory New Replacement fuel tanks. If for any reason you do not see your aircraft represented on our website, please contact us for additional information at 1-800-647-6148.